Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Check Yourself: You Cannot Talk Sense Into A Senseless Ho

In this week’s episode of Check Yourself, Masika and Nikki are still going at it with regards to which of them is Mally Mall’s REAL girlfriend. (Can we all agree that he’s uhh…not worth fighting over?) “I mean, what the hell?” Nikki asks as she watches her showdown with Masika. “How do you go from me to that?”

It is literally only just at this moment that Masika realizes maybe Mally is playing both of them. “Maybe Mally IS lying to both of us!” she says. “And if that’s the case, I swear to God, Imma wring his neck out. You don’t have two hoes, we’re not in a f—ing harem.”

Later, Berg and Hazel fire shots at one another when they watch their awkward interaction at the ASCAP Awards, culminating in Berg calling Hazel a Muppet, and Hazel, coincidentally, calling Berg’s date a Fraggle. Guys, Hazel and Berg are actually totally meant to be together, their insults are all based in felt puppetry! Just watch.