K.Michelle Shows Off Voice On New Single “Love ‘Em All”

Have you heard K.Michelle’s latest single? The new song “Love ’Em All” is a soulful yet poppy (Hip Pop?) anthem and once it gets going you’re like, wow, K. can really sing.

We here at VH1 headquarters are really feeling it. When we asked the Love & Hip Hop star what to expect from her sophomore album in August in she said:

What people don’t seem to know about me is – it’s the fact that I am a classically trained pianist and play guitar and produce and compose. African American females really, really love me and listen to me. And that’s been my focus for so long, but I feel like pain and hurt and growth and real life has no color. And I’ve been determining, with this album, that the record that I am writing and composing can play on every format of radio and touch every single person. Not just gender-based, not just ethnicity but just great music overall. So this album—I was determined, I was not going to be boxed and I was going to touch everybody. I have an amazing country record. I have an amazing acoustic record on this album and it’s not all over the place. It actually flows, because we need to understand that all music—good music is good music and there’s no genre for it.

We can’t wait to see what K. churns out and we can’t wait to see her new show! What do you think of “Love ’Em All?” Let us know in the comments!