“OG Of Love & Hip Hop” Somaya Reece Reveals The Hollywood Dirt And Wants A New York Cast Reunion

It’s been a minute since we caught up with Somaya Reece, who has been spending all her time working on her fitness and a new clothing line, SomayasCloset.com. But even though the L.A. native is identified with the New York version of Love & Hip Hop, she also seems pretty immersed in the world of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. From her friendships with Hazel E and Yung Berg to her own experiences being caught in Mally Mall’s web of women (she says he DM’d her at the same time that he was seeing both Masika and Nikki during the show’s taping), she has a lot to say about the new season, and addresses the old drama she left behind after she left New York.

Love & Hip Hop has changed so much since you’ve been on it!

The thing that has been happening non-stop, all day every day is people asking me “Somaya, why aren’t you on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, you are FROM L.A.!” That’s the first question. My answer is “Hey, you never know. I am down to get in the ring any time.”

Do you know the Hollywood cast?

I know the entire cast except for Omarion and his family and Lil Fizz, those two I don’t know, but I’ve known Berg forever, Sincere is my boy and he hires me for parties and he’s friends with my boyfriend, I know Soulja Boy really well, Hazel and I have been friends since waaaay before. Teairra Mari, Ray J, I know everybody on there. So watching everything unfold, it’s like, I know all of them and all of their personalities are very accurate.

So knowing them in real life vs. what’s shown on TV, how real is it? Like since you’re friends with both Hazel and Berg, does it make you mad the way he seems to be treating her?

Here’s the thing, I keep reading, “Oh, Hollywood is so fake, no way all that shit could happen,” and it seems fake to the general public because they don’t live in our Hollywood lives, but Hollywood really gets down this way. This is really how it is in our business. There’s a guy with a girlfriend or a wife, and a side chick and five more. That is nothing new, it’s part of the game. Now, would I put up with that shit? No. I probably woulda snuffed Berg if that were me at that [ASCAP] party, but as a woman, you never know where your heart is gonna go, we all make those mistakes. Don’t act like you haven’t been there. Don’t act like you haven’t made that dumb mistake where you fall in love with someone and we want something to work so bad that we do something stupid.

Berg has always been a ladies man, always. That’s how he rolls and I gotta respect the fact that he laid it out on the line, “I like to have a lot of women!” I’m not excusing it, but it’s common that it happens. Whether you put up with it, it’s up to you. I dare a side bitch to try to come to my house and confront me! But I’ve been there before.

What do you think of the rest of the cast?

I know Soulja Boy, Soulja’s really hilarious like that, he’s really funny, his little “Turn Up!!” He does that all the time!! I just feel like the reason this season is hitting a home run is because they’re really laying their feelings out there — you guys are seeing some real shit go down. Ray is somebody I also know, we were actually going to do some business together, I think he’s actually a great business man, but as far as his love life, Princess is a cool chick but I didn’t know all of this was going on, but it seems like this tit for tat is not really gonna stop. Teairra doesn’t want to be disrespected as a woman. I think that Ray wants to keep the peace but you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

This is a show but they’re putting their real life out there for you. For anybody saying this is fake, this is authentic, this really happens in Hollywood. It looks more extreme because it’s so in your face, but there’s a lot of people out there where this is going down in their homes but they wanna stay hush-hush about it. In the trailer, Mona says “The Devil has come to play” and that’s all the way true in Hollywood.

Do you know Mally Mall?

I’m not friends with him but while this show was filming, he was in my DMs. Like, trying to holler at me. Which is something that’s no prize because I’m not probably the only one. If anything I would have to say he has good taste in women, if anything, you got good taste, boo! I was really surprised though because I met Masika and I didn’t know Masika was with him, like, all this stuff is making sense to me now. I also finally met Nikki and I know her now and it’s just crazy to me like, how you trying to play two people like, on TV? That’s the first thing I’m trying to think. Regular people could probably get away with side bitches, but us in the industry, we can’t get away with it! That’s the reason you hear of so many people getting in trouble, because it’s a small industry.

You know who else’s story line is really great too is Fizz, I don’t think he gets enough credit for being a man and stepping up to the plate. Guys usually run! Obviously no one knows what their business is but he’s really stepping it up and working hard and I commend him for that.

I’d love to see you back in New York doing a reunion of the original cast. Do you still talk to any of them?

I do, Emily is working on her shoe line which is finally out, Kimbella is trying to start a fashion line and boutique, Chrissy is a boss lady with Lady Vamp. I don’t know what’s going on with Olivia ’cause…I don’t care.

Have you two ever talked since the last time you filmed together?

No, not at all, but she’s still running her mouth about me so we’re not cool. But I’m not even thinking about anybody’s bitterness and all that shit, I still hold my ground and everything I said about that woman was right, but I got backlash during season two for being honest about her. But it was because of me and Chrissy that the show blew up, so it actually worked out!

What do you think now about where the show has evolved to? You had your issues with Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena and the show started to really revolve around them much more since you left.

Yeah, I didn’t really watch a lot of New York [after I left], so I don’t really know. Our story lines were so totally different though, we were about the grind, and a lot of the beefs were really, really personal. It was such a family beef that it made you feel like you were so pulled in and getting to know us, it was a different kind of dynamic.

Me and Chrissy’s drama, we really did like, BURST. Love & Hip Hop will always live on but I feel like we really did birth the whole beginning of it. I’d be totally game for a reunion with the whole original cast to get everyone in a room and see where everyone is, I think that would be great for the fans! They ask for it a lot. But you can never take away the OGs of Love & Hip Hop. Our names will never die.