Somaya Reece Rises Again: Check Out Her Latest Business Venture, Somaya’s Closet

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Somaya Reece has been busy since her time on Love & Hip Hop, and in case you missed the news, last week she launched her new business venture,, and online clothing boutique she built from the ground up herself. We spoke to the multi-talented Reece recently about the line and how she’s gone from “the fat girl that can’t dress” (way harsh) to la jefa of her own label.

Congratulations on your site,! How did your clothing line get started?

Well, coming from being “the fat girl that can’t dress,” — That’s a quote! That’s what they used to call me on the show! — I think the whole audience knows by now that I’m just very resilient and I’m not going to give up, you can throw a million obstacles at me and it’s never going to deter me from my path and the vision I have. I just noticed that there’s an audience for affordable clothing that looked good, people that want to dress classy but they can’t afford some of the luxuries of celebrities like me and all my peers can afford. And I’ve been there before where I couldn’t afford that $2,000 dress, you know what I mean? I know what that’s like.

So from my experience and noticing what my audience was wanting, they also kept telling me why don’t you do your own line, open up your own store? And I was like, I honestly don’t have the time, but the more I thought about it, I was like, when have I not been good at juggling things I’m passionate about? I’m good at it. So I was like, I’m gonna do this.

I built, from the ground up, MYSELF, the website, I did all the photography, I did everything from the design to the creative. I did the work of 50 people. I was working non-stop, 16-18 hours, all day, it probably drove my boyfriend crazy.

This is just the beginning for Somaya’s Closet, there’s a bigger vision for it, but you have to start somewhere. It launched a week ago and we’re global, I can’t believe the amount of visitors we’ve already had from Australia, the U.K., Italy, Colombia. I’m just so happy my efforts are being recognized, and everything we have is affordable and comparable to designer labels.

The photos and the merch itself looks great!

All photography shot by me! I’m trying to find somebody else [to shoot it] but it’s not easy to find somebody who shares your vision. This is my vision.