Nick & Lauren Run Into A Huge Hurdle On I Heart Nick Carter

Tonight on I Heart Nick Carter tensions built between Nick and his soon-to-be wife Lauren Kitt as once again, Nick’s life as an entertainer came between their relationship. A frustrated Lauren has to learn the news of Nick’s tour with Jordan Knight and a change in their wedding date, while on their way to an event. Nick says the tour is a once in a life time opportunity but Lauren feels hurt because, of course, getting married is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime opportunity too.

After a little Drag Queen Bingo, Nick speaks with a gay couple about the importance of them being able to finally get married to one another and how their marriage is bigger than just them – it’s about the gay community and about equal rights. An enlightened Nick says hearing their story makes it clear to him that he needs to push harder, fight harder and show Lauren that he wants to get married. He’s going to make arrangements with Jordan to fix this whole thing!

Do you think Nick can learn how to put Lauren before his career? Is Lauren ever going to get used to being married to an entertainer?

Can Nick Learn To Put Lauren Before His Career?

Make sure to see what happens on an all new I Heart Nick Carter next Wednesday at 10 PM ET/PT.