Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Sneak Peek: Nikki Comes For Morgan At Ray J’s Video Shoot

This week on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Morgan, now famously, showed Teairra and Masika pictures of Nikki Mudarris pre-plastic surgery. (Pictures here!) On the next episode, Nikki stops by Ray J’s music video shoot where she is bringing video models but things get heated when she calls out Morgan.

“I just think that was a little bit phony,” Nikki says to Morgan, who responds saying Nikki wasn’t there so she really doesn’t know how it went down. When Nikki continues to get defensive and Morgan continues to be dismissive, Ray J steps in to try and diffuse the altercation. But then Morgan fires back, asking, “did we ask for Video Vixens or prostitutes!?”

Could Nikki be the mother in a brothel? Is Morgan tripping, acting like it wasn’t shady-boots to show Nikki’s before photos? Find out how it all goes down on an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.