I Heart Nick Carter Sneak Peek: Will Nick Carter & Lauren Kitt Be Able To Survive Tour Life?

Nick Carter has been touring with the Backstreet Boys since he was a kid but not everyone is accustomed to life on the road. On the next I Heart Nick Carter, feelings come to a head when Lauren expresses frustration that she doesn’t know the schedule while she’s on the tour bus.

Nick says that “normal” people read the tour book but Lauren says she isn’t just a normal person, she’s Nick’s fiancée and she wants Nick to try and make time for her and her friends while they’re in Paris. Do you think Nick and Lauren can find a way to make almost-married life work while touring? Is Lauren being unreasonable? Is Nick in denial about being married and being part of Nick & Knight?

Find out on all new I Heart Nick Carter, Wednesday at 11 PM ET/PT.