#TBT: Nick & Aaron Carter Don’t See Eye To Eye On Sesame Street

Nick Carter and little bro, Aaron may be trying to bury the family drama for Nick’s wedding on I Heart Nick Carter but it wasn’t that long ago that the two were arguing surrounded by the Muppets.

Check out this vintage clip of the Carter brothers on Sesame Street from 2003 where they sing “Loud & Soft” about two people who have different views on just how to sing. (Loud, soft, high, low, good and, well, good.) Here’s hoping the brothers have the same harmonious resolution when it comes to matters of their family’s beef.

Check the clip now to see baby-faced Nick belt it out with his brother by his side. We sure hope the two can make it work for Nick & Lauren’s wedding on the season finale of I Heart Nick Carter next Wednesday at 11 PM ET/PT.