Polite Face Dusting: The Best Moments Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Moments In Pictures, Episode 5

  • Nikki Help

  • Empty Box

  • Empty Box

  • Mally Mall Smile

  • Mally Eye

  • Teairra Purple Ranger

  • Hazel Whites Eyes

  • Teairra Hazels Relationship

  • Morgan Prostitutes

  • Nikki How Plastic

  • Midwife

  • Miss Leslie Superficial

  • Miss Leslie2

  • Moniece Twerking

  • Moniece Trying Sexy

  • Hazel Cameltoe

  • Yesi Spotlight

  • Ray J Hat

  • Nikki Baby Google

  • Nikki Is The Baddest

  • Nikki Hand On Masika

  • Masika Nikki Fight 2

  • Nikki Hand

Tonight on episode 5 of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Mally Mall was doing so much trying to “win back” Nikki Mudarris but he didn’t have to try too hard because she was taking whatever he was giving. After Mally professes that he felt like an empty jewelry box while they were apart, he rewards Nikki Baby with a set of keys to his house (that Masika found.)

Meanwhile, Teairra Mari got herself involved in the messiness by starting a professional relationship with Yung Berg who, of course, is the ex-non-boo of her ex-bestie Hazel. Hazel’s struggle is real and so are her cornrows. Also Miss Leslie continued to go in on why (she doesn’t like her) Apryl isn’t prepared for motherhood and Moniece tried to twerk.

Of course, Miss Morgan Hardman was trying to be the peacemaker among the plebs – but got called out by Ray J for not acting profesh and for hanging out with Teairra. What do you think? Is Morgan the opposite of a peacemaker? Is Nikki delusional for taking Mally Mall back? Is Teairra shadyboots for teaming up with Berg? Let us know what you think in the comments!