Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Sneak Peek: Teairra Mari Has Embarrassing Performance, Sincere Tells Her To Get To The Gym

Getting back on the horse can always be a little tricky and on the next Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Teairra Mari experiences that struggle firsthand. When Sincere books Teairra for a live performance at LA’s Supper Club, he remarks that Teairra’s put on weight and doesn’t quite look the way he remembers her. When Teairra gets on stage, it’s definitely a different person.

Teairra struggles to hit the notes during her performance and Sincere has no problem telling her that she needs to put more work into it if she wants to actually do this thing. Does Sincere have a right to be mad? Is Teairra feeling some sort of way because she didn’t deliver?

Find out what goes down between the two friends on an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.