6 Degrees Of Separation: All The Celebrities Connected Thanks To VH1 Reality TV

  • JoselineKMichelle

  • KmichelleRKelly

  • RKellyDreaKelly3

  • DreaRenee4

  • ReneeSheree

  • ShereeTameka

  • TamekaUsher1

  • usherceelo

  • ChristinaLudacris

  • eudoxieLatoya

  • LatoyaNick

  • NickiKimK

  • KimKRayJ

  • RayJwhitney

  • whitneymariah

  • MariahStevieJ

  • StevieJDiddy

  • DiddyKaleena

  • KaleenaRasheeda

  • RasheedaKandi

  • kanditiny

  • tinyti

  • tijimjones




  • YandyAmina

  • Amina_PeterGunz

  • PeterGunz_RichDollaz

  • RichDollaz_Ceaser

  • Ceaser_EricaMena

  • EricaMena_BowWow

  • BowWow_Omarion

  • Omarion_JheneAiko

  • JheneAiko_LilFizz

  • LilFizz_Moniece

  • moneiceshaq

  • shaqhoopz

  • hoopzflav

  • flavshay

  • shaymommadee

  • mommadeeericadixon

It’s a small world, and lot times we are left in shock when we realize how connected we are just through knowing someone– who knows someone—who knows someone.

While the theory of six degrees of separation asserts that because we are all linked through association and acquaintance, we are only just six introductions away from any other person in the world, for our famous VH1 stars the degrees of separation get much shorter.

Take a look and see how few degreesKim Kardashian and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Stevie J are separated, how Jhene Aiko and Erica Mena could essentially be just a few introductions from being besties, and just how many other VH1 stars are connected to each other:

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