Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Lost Files: The Ladies Give Their 2 Cents On Joseline And Stevie J’s Relationship

Oh just because the season is over don’t think we’re going to stop giving you more of reality television’s favorite cast.

And just because the season is over, don’t think we don’t remember when no one on the cast believed Stevie J and Joseline were married, and now that the two are allegedly “expecting,” we wrangled up a few of the ladies of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to see what they thought about longevity of Joseline and Stevie’s relationship.

When asked whether the Joseline and Stevie were a match or a mistake, and would they last forever or fail—you won’t believe what they had to say:

“Those two, they’re going to kill each other. They’re the same person. They’re going to kill each other. So, I’m gonna say definitely a mistake and it’s not going to be forever because they’re going to kill each other.” – Mimi Faust

“They’re a match, and I think they’re in it for the long way!” – Rasheeda Frost

“They’re a match, that’ll eventually fail.” – Karlie Redd

“They’re a match. They’re both some clowns. It may fail eventually, I don’t know. It could actually go both ways they could fail or last forever.” – Tammy Rivera

“Fail. Because he’s going to be moving on to the next one soon.” – Erica Dixon

“Of course we’re going to last. He’s not going to find someone to love him better than me. I’m the only woman he ever had that loves him for him and his shenanigans. Ain’t nobody else going love him because they don’t know him. For you to love somebody you gotta know them, and only I know him.” – Joseline Hernandez

Do You Think Stevie J and Joseline Will Fail Or Last Forever?

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