5 Reasons You Can’t Compare Drumline And Drumline: A New Beat

After the airing of Drumline: A New Beat, we think it’s safe to say the modernized version was just a good as the original Drumline that premiered back in 2002.

Twitter wars that have been started trying to pit the two films against each other are going to be hard to win, considering the remake took a slightly different angle than the original to make it unique, but still had just enough similarities. Because both films were equally as good here are five reasons why we think you shouldn’t compare the two:

Who Run The World? Girls!
This time around, instead of giving the role of the protagonist to a male, the lead role was given to a female, Dani, played by Alexandra Shipp, allowing us to see the struggles women still face when their peers are majority men.

Broke The Inner City Coming Of Age Cliché
We used all of the ’90s and the early 2000s telling the story of an inner city youth with extreme financial issues that found a way to rise above their lack of funds to pursue their dream. How refreshing was it to see a young person that actually came from money still have to fight just as hard as for what they want. Shout out to Mario Van Peebles.

Big Brother Iron Man AKA Sean Still Got It
After giving Devon Miles aka Nick Cannon a hard time in the first Drumline back in 2002, it was great to see Leonard Roberts return to the screen this time and give a fresh cast of crabs an even harder time as band leader.

Epic Last Battles
Both movies packed a punch when it came to the band performances. How can you compare Devon and his drumline dropping the sticks on Morris Brown’s drums (after pulling out a second set) to Dani and her drumline getting the lights shut down in the stadium for a glow in the dark stick moment? Equally as crazy the first time you see them, and both films nailed bringing the cultural art from to the forefront.

Nick Cannon Ladies And Gentleman…
What’s a modernized version of Drumline without the star of the first in the remake? Seeing Nick Cannon return as Devon Miles shuts down any argument either film being better that the other. He and Leonard’s performances, albeit different roles in each, made the second just as classic worthy as the first.

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