Falling For Jayvon LaPierre: 20 Funniest Memes Of Drumline A New Beat ‘s Jordan Calloway

Actor Jordan Calloway, who played the role of Jayvon LaPierre set social media on fire last night with his killer good looks and performance in the premiere of Drumline: A New Beat.

Instagram in particular took a liking to Mr. Calloway’s handsome face and chiseled body, and he became almost everyone’s #MCM in well, an instant. And, it didn’t stop there, after finding out Calloway also played Zack Carter-Schwartz on Nickolodean’s Unfabulous from 2004 to 2007, he also became the perfect candidate for today’s “Transformation Tuesday.”

He really did grow up, and since we can’t seem to get enough of Jordan, check out the 20 funniest memes created since Drumline: A New Beat aired:

  • JC19

  • JC18

  • JC17

  • JC16

  • JC15

  • JC14

  • JC13

  • JC11

  • JC10

  • JC9

  • JC8

  • JC7

  • JC6

  • JC5

  • JC4

  • JC3

  • JC2

  • JC20

  • JC10

  • JC1

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