Exclusive: Masika Kalysha Talks Being Buddies With Justin Bieber, Meeting Mally & Nikki Being Obsessed With Her

Each season of Love & Hip Hop is met with someone who spits the most perfect one-liners and this season it may just be newcomer Masika Kalysha. The model, singer and video vixen’s storyline has had us on the edge of our seats watching her come to blows with her ex-fling Mally Mall and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Nikki Mudarris.

VH1 recently caught up with Masika about the story behind Mally Mall and just how he got on the show, what Miss Nikki Baby really looks like in person and why she thinks Nikki (and her mom) are obsessed with her.

Masika, your relationship with Mally Mall is so confusing. You were picking out a condo for him but then he has this serious girlfriend? Can you explain how you met and how he came to be on the show with you?

Masika: I’ve been good friends with Justin Bieber for a while and I was at his house and he was having a party. Mally came over there and was kind of in the background. No one was really paying him any attention. So that was my first time seeing him and then a couple of weeks later I get a text from him and I’m like, “Who is this?” He was like “This is Mally” and “We should go out on dates. I think you’re beautiful,” I thought that was cheesy-corny. Like, don’t get my number from [Justin] – you’re 50 – grow up! So I never talked to him. He texted me a couple of more times and I just ignored him.

About 3 or 4 months later, I ran into him at the valet at the W [hotel], so I just kind of walked right up to him and was like “Yo, why you playing games with my phone with children?” He was like “Whoa,” laughing and telling me to calm down, “Let’s go to dinner. I want to take you to [LA hotspot] Crustacean,” I said, “I’m not hungry, I’m just going to wait in the studio, goodbye.” So he was like, “Oh, studio, you do music? So do I. Let’s produce a couple of records together.”

I was with my manager, at the time, who had the stupid idea to bring Mally into my life, and he googled Mally when we got to the studio and was like “He’s a producer, why don’t we do some records with him use it on [Love & Hip Hop Hollywood] and it would be cool.” I was like “Yeah, this might be a good idea. So he called Mally and told Mally I’m doing the show and I need some records. Mally flew me and my manager out the next day and we were supposed to be flying to Vegas for a meeting which turned into a date. We flew there, went straight to the studio, listened to all these records and he was doing a song with Tyga at the time. Tyga was performing at Haze that night so we all go out to the club, and he’s all trying to hold my hand and give me kisses and I’m like, this is weird. He kind of went from 0 to 100 real quick and started talking, “I love yous” and “You’re perfect” and “Wow, your personality? You’re so different, you’re so this, you’re so that”.

He was kind of moving really, really fast into this relationship, and the further he went, the further away we got from the business. And trust and believe me when I say Nikki was never an issue of mine. It was other things that were an issue, I’m talking about other girls that had nothing to do with her. So I, foolishly, brought him into my mix and my job and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood before I knew well of him and then dropped him. So when I dropped him, he was resurrected by Nikki from the dead thinking that would help him get him a contract on the show but guess what, it didn’t. It got her one and he still didn’t get one. Oh, I’m so sorry. [Laughs]

Did you think Mally Mall was cute, Masika?

Masika: Here’s the thing, I’m a grown ass woman, I look good enough for me and my man so I don’t need my man to be attractive, you know what I’m saying? I need my man to be masculine, manly and powerful. Save the pretty shit for me. I don’t want an extra looking man walking down the street. There are certain things I am attracted to – I definitely don’t want an unattractive man but my concern is not the physical. It is not the first thing on my list. You know so, I need a powerful man that commands attention, that’s clean, you know and he can dress whatever, cool but I got the face game down, honey, I’m good for both of us.

What about Nikki – like why were you guys beefing with each other when it was clearly Mally was feeding you both different stories?

Masika: See in my entire life I’m never gonna talk about a bitch and I’m not about to start today. I had thought that she was like a pest when she first started nagging me and it was just like you swat at the fly and then they die, but the fly keeps coming back like a cat with 9 lives, so you’re like a fly-cat, what are you? Just go away [Laughs] So her main concern was me at every single scene, now that I’m watching. I had no idea. Everything out of her mouth is my name, her and her mother. Like you’re both obsessed with me and it’s weird. So I don’t know if her issue was me and Mally, I think she just wanted to meet me maybe. I don’t know. [Laughs]

Where was she nagging you? Instagram? Commenting and sending you messages there?

Masika: Yeah, she was like harassing me, making fake pages, whatever it was. My thing is go directly to the source, which was Mally. Find out from him what’s going on but apparently he’s a liar so I was open to Morgan’s idea – trying to get to the bottom of it. [Nikki] was so insecure with the fact that I was sitting there, she didn’t want to listen to what I was saying. At that point, I was almost done with the conversation. She kept, “Blah, blah, blah,” in my face so I just threw a drink in her face. Whatever cool down, you look hot. [Laughs]

Do you know Somaya Reece from Love & Hip Hop New York? We did an interview with her recently and she said Mally was also hitting her up on Instagram around the same time he was trying to get your attention – did you know that?

Masika: She told me that too, which I found funny because Moniece said he was creeping in her DMs. Like the list of girls that he was creeping in their DMs is infamous. In everyone’s DMs, honey.

Like what picture was he sending in the DMs? Like what could be that impressive?

Masika: You know what, that’s a good question. I hope it’s that Uncle Fester picture that’s floating around the internet.

So this is very important: what does Nikki look like in person?

Masika: Ummm let’s see. Um, melted plastic that’s been poured into a mold and frozen. [Laughs]

Is her body as surprising to see in person as it is on TV and in photos?

Masika: It’s extremely alarming. It looks like a group science project.

How are you guys now that Mally is sort of out of the picture for both of you?

Masika: When it started, I had no emotion for her and when it ended I had no emotion for her. Like lukewarm water you either need to freeze or boil so, stagnant water just there. [Laughs]

Find out how things unravel between Masika, Nikki, Mally and the rest of the cast on an all new episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.