Is Jordan Calloway (a.k.a. Drumline‘s Jayven) Pursuing A Singing Career Now?

Last week we fell head over heels for Jordan Calloway, so it only made sense to find out where and when would be the next time we see his fine-ness on our screens.

While Calloway admitted he is working on other films, he exclusively revealed to VH1 a big surprise project you won’t believe.

  • JC19

  • JC18

  • JC17

  • JC16

  • JC15

  • JC14

  • JC13

  • JC11

  • JC10

  • JC9

  • JC8

  • JC7

  • JC6

  • JC5

  • JC4

  • JC3

  • JC2

  • JC20

  • JC10

  • JC1

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