Shady Boots: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Episode 8 In GIFS

  • Berg Teairra Hug

  • Amanda Eye

  • Teairra Nikki Boobs

  • Hazel Masika

  • Masika Straw

  • Berg Masika

  • Berg Shes Not Beyonce

  • Ray J

  • Monice Cray Eyes

  • Princess Love

  • Masika Fight

  • Moniece Praise

  • Nikki Teairra Annoyed

Shade can come in all different shapes and colors and the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast knows just how to dish it out. On tonight’s episode 8, Ray J and Princess got closer, Berg pushed up against Teairra and Masika and Fizz and Moniece tried to move forward while Amanda was tripping up with her past. We’ve gathered some of the best moments in GIF form.

Tonight Masika called Hazel E’s verse on Berg’s track a struggle and Berg implied that was kind.

Later when Masika defended her “friendship” with Berg to Hazel, saying that many of their Instagram pictures were taken before she even knew Hazel. Hazel had a (late) reaction like, “B****, please.”

And when Amanda kept referring to Moniece as crazy and delusional, Moniece threw some not so subtle shade paws at her face. Oof.

Whose reaction made you LOL/cringe/scream/shake your head at the most? Tune into an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood next Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.