Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Sneak Peek: Fizz Has Had It With Moniece & Amanda

Fizz has been trying to do right by his son all season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood but the struggle has been finding out if that means being more communicative with his baby’s mom, Moniece, or incorporating his new girl, Amanda. In the last episode, Moniece praised the lord and put her hands on Amanda and now Fizz is speaking out.

In a sneak peek from episode 9, Fizz tells Moniece that her actions are not helping them move forward in co-parenting their child but Moniece says she doesn’t think Amanda is in a place to be a parent to another woman’s son. As they argue, Fizz makes it clear that unless their son is being hurt, Moniece’s feelings don’t matter to him.

Is Fizz not being considerate of Moniece’s role as Kameron’s mother? Is Moniece being irrational about how to coparent with her ex? Is Amanda truly out of the picture? Find out on an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.