Mob Wives Returns! Take A Look At Behind -The-Scenes Photos From Their Promo Shoot

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As you’ve probably heard, the Mob Wives are coming back on December 3rd, and along with Drita, Renee, Ang and Natalie, there’s a blast from the past who’s making her way back on the scene. Karen Gravano, absent from season four of the show, is returning and turning things up a notch as she investigates whether people were talking about her behind her back while she was gone. Read the latest release below to find out more about this season of Mob Wives!

Don’t Miss The Return Of The “Baby Bull” – Karen Gravano Is Back!

NEW YORK, NY (November 11, 2014) – An all-new season of VH1’s hit series “Mob Wives” premieres Wednesday, December 3 at 9:00 PM*, and with these ladies, it’s all about loyalty and respect. Cast members Renee Graziano, Drita D’Avanzo, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola and Natalie Guercio know that family is everything and your word is your bond.

The group is in for a surprise when Karen Gravano stages an unexpected return to Staten Island.  Last season, lifelong friendships were put to the test as “New Blood” infiltrated this tight-knit circle, and these relationships remain as complicated and volatile as ever. Ever-shifting alliances are a recipe for an explosive mix of unpredictable tension, conflict, and intrigue. Don’t miss a moment – tune in to the premiere of “Mob Wives” season 5 on VH1 Wednesday, December 3 at 9:00 PM!*
Last season, Renee felt she was everyone’s target, and she’s not about to stand for it this time around. With her husband Lee finally out of prison, Drita finds that juggling a happy family life with a growing business is tougher than she had anticipated. Big Ang is typically the mediator when it comes to the others’ quarrels, but this season she finds herself front and center with her own drama – and her stress level is at an all-time high. With Alicia busy handling her legal troubles, Natalie is flying solo, and the other wives are beginning to question her character. During her hiatus from Staten Island, Karen heard rumors that some of the ladies have been talking behind her back – something she doesn’t take lightly. She returns fierce as ever, ready to show everyone that the ‘baby bull’ will not back down to anyone.
This season on “Mob Wives,” emotions run high and Staten Island is rife with gossip, lies, and misunderstandings. In this world, you never know what’s around the corner – or when an old family connection may resurface to shake everything up. Mob Wives season 5 premieres Wednesday, December 3 at 9:00 PM* on VH1. Be sure to ’like’ “Mob Wives” on Facebook, follow @MobWives on Twitter and use #MobWives to join the conversation.
Additionally, partnering with companion app Shazam, VH1 has created an immersive 2nd screen experience for fans to join the drama of “Mob Wives” season 5 on their mobile devices. Each episode of “Mob Wives” will feature on air call outs encouraging fans to ‘Shazam’ to participate in two gaming experiences customized to the scene they’re watching in that “Mob Wives” episode. Leveraging Shazam’s proprietary audio-recognition, fans can play along any way they choose to watch “Mob Wives” – during the live premieres and any encore airings.
Also, starting Monday, 11/24 VH1 & “Mob Wives” are launching a Facebook application that combs through your Facebook friends & lets you know which of them you can really trust and which you can’t. Plus, it pairs you with the cast member of “Mob Wives” you’re most likely to trust when it all goes down.
Developed from a concept by executive producer Jennifer Graziano of JustJenn Productions, “Mob Wives” is also produced by The Weinstein Company (Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, David Glasser), Electus (Ben Silverman) and Left/Right (Banks Tarver and Ken Druckerman), with Electus International distributing the series internationally. Executive producers for VH1 are Susan Levison, Nina L. Diaz, Ken Martinez, and Daniel Blau Rogge.
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