Boomerang B*****s & Mugshot Pix: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood In Pictures, Episode 9

  • Nikki Teairra

  • Hazel Duck

  • All The Girls

  • Amanda Secor

  • Fizz

  • Sincere

  • Ray J

  • Soulja

  • Nia Cant 2

  • Nia Cant 1

  • Nia Cant 3

  • Nia Cant 4

  • Nia Cant 5

  • Omarion Camel Toe

  • Nikki Mom

  • Masika Mugshot

  • Moniece FU

  • Fizz STFU

  • Nikki Hairline Tho

  • Masika Mugshot Reaction

  • Teaira Stirring Shit

  • Miss Leslie babysitting

  • Omarion Apryl

  • Apryl Pool

Last night on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood episode 9, Ray J’s world got real when his pops came to visit and tell his son he needs to shape up because he’s embarrassing the family. Meanwhile Soulja Boy told Nia they needed to put a pin in their moving plans which seemed like yet another excuse for him to avoid committing.

But, of course, the big reveal was that Apryl and Omarion finally gave birth to their son Megaa and it was honestly one of the most touching moments in Love & Hip Hop history. But it wasn’t all sweetness and families-getting-along. Nikki and her mom went through the vault to find Masika’s mugshot and Hazel had words for all her former “fraud” friends.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Were you touched by Apryl and Omarion storyline? Is Soulja just leading Nia on? Why is everyone doing Hazel so dirty?