Let’s Recast Scandal: Which VH1 Star Would Get The Part?

  • huckmomma

    Huck and Momma Dee are both super loyal, but a little cray cray how they show it.

  • meeliemimi

    Meelie and Mimi both scorned women who make crazy decisions just to give the men they love to notice them.

  • cyrusrich

    Cyrus and Rich are two men who stay cool and collected under pressure, but once you turn on their anger switch it’s no turning back.

  • abbyemily

    Abby and Emily B have lived in other people’s shadows for far to long, and are finally getting there moment to shine.

  • FitzRayJ

    So many love them, root for them, and want to be around them, but they always fail miserably when they try to make everyone happy.

  • quinnkarlie

    Hate to love ’em, love to hate ’em, both Quinn and Karlie mastered being sneaky.

  • jakejoe

    Jake been chasing Oliva just as long as Joe’s been chasing Tahiry.

  • oliviayandy

    Before you get mad at us, and kill us with the comments – we know there can only be one Oliva Pope. But c’mon you got to give it to Yandy she’s about her business, always trying to help others, and like Olivia — the man she’s involved with make us give the side eye.

  • papapopemona

    Command. Papa Pope. Mona Scott-Young. Need we say more?

Earlier this week Rihanna reminded us again why we missed her so much on Instagram with her ode to the ABC hit series Scandal.

Riri’s funny Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) pics taken while she was visiting the White House got us thinking what if our VH1 stars got to be Scandal characters, who would play who?

Based on the personalities, characteristics, and temperaments we mulled over which VH1 reality stars would make the best gladiators. Stevie J and Joseline make a good Liv and Fitz? Check out our choices now!

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