Drita D’Avanzo’s Words Of Wisdom

  • Drita F Em

  • Drita F Bomb

  • Drita Anniversary

  • Drita Relax

  • Drita Kick Me

  • Drita Fck

  • Drita Chase You

  • Drita Idiot

  • Drita Emoji

  • Drita Thankful

We don’t often look to reality stars for the wisdom they impart, but Drita D’Avanzo is the exception to that rule. The Mob Wives star is the perfect blend of practical, funny, and fierce, and the quotes she chooses to post on Instagram perfectly capture that. Whether she’s penning a love note to her husband, telling haters to f— off, or genuinely doling out some kind words, she keeps it real and reminds us why we love her. Here are our favorite gems from Drita.

Mob Wives season 5 premieres Wednesday, December 3rd at 9PM ET/PT.

[Photos: Instagram]