Sexy Or Scary: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Miss Nikki Baby Serves Body For Days

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  • Nikki Baby

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  • Miss Nikki Baby 2

  • Miss Nikki Baby

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Before Nikki Mudarris became a star on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, she was a star on Instagram earning thousands of followers for her stunning (or shocking!) body and fierce style. Everyone has been eager to peep what Nikki looked like before she went under the knife.

Love it or hate it, the lady dubbed “Miss Nikki Baby” is here to stay and we’ve unearthed some of the most revealing photos of the reality star for your perusal. Nikki loves herself a midriff selfie showing off her drastic proportions and we just need to know where you stand on the debate. Check out our gallery of Nikki looking a little naughty and a little nice and let us know what you think of that true hourglass silhouette in the comments.

What Do You Think Of Miss Nikki Baby’s Body?

[Photo: Instagram]