Do You Have A Crazy, Hilarious, Embarrassing Family? Tell Us More With #MyLocaFamily

In honor of VH1’s new series, Suave Says, featuring the crazy, hilarious, and tight-knit Mejia family (lead by ’90s pop star Gerardo), we’re interested in finding out how crazy your own family is. Hence: #MyLocaFamily. On our new show, Gerardo, his wife Kathy, and kids Jaden, Nadia and Bianca set the bar for silliness — especially when Gerardo embarrasses his kids with the remnants of his “Rico Suave” past.

We’re asking fans to take pictures of their families doing things that embarrass them, drive them crazy, make them laugh, whatever your family does that’s over the top, and upload them using the hashtag #MyLocaFamily to Twitter and Instagram. All of these photos will appear on Start submitting now!