Motherhood & Motherf—ing Frauds: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Episode 10 In Pictures

  • Apryl Jones

  • Miss Leslie

  • Masika K

  • Morgan Hardman

  • Hazel Ray White

  • Who Dat

  • Nia Comp

  • Soulja Flava

  • Hazel Barf

  • Dont Do That

  • Teairra Thinking

  • Masika Makeup

  • Motherhood Apryl Mom

  • Teairra Mari Emotion

  • Morgan Going Awf

Anyone who watches the various Love & Hip Hop shows knows that mothers are a huge part of each season. This season we’ve seen Miss Leslie bump heads with Apryl and Miss Nikki’s mom go to blows with Mally Mall. Now Apryl’s mom has arrived to confront the past with her daughter who just became a mother herself.

In an unusually emotional Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Apryl faced the demons of her childhood while Nia and Soulja saw an unexpected pregnancy in times when they’re just getting on track as a couple. Meanwhile, Hazel and Masika went at it at Berg’s all-white birthday party over the track that Berg passed between them.

What did you think of Apryl’s emotional reunion with her mom? Do you think Masika was wrong for taking the track from Hazel or was it never really Hazel’s? Do you think Morgan and Ray are really through?