Lifetime Biopics Be Like: VH1 Stars Get Memed In Response To Aaliyah Movie

  • Tiny Smokey

  • Fizz Alicia Keys

  • Joseline Riri

  • Nikki Lil Kim

  • Momma Dee 2

  • Benzino 2

  • Flav 1

  • KMichelle 1

  • Miss Leslie Whitney

  • Tiny Piggy

  • Flav Bossie

  • Benzino Biopic

  • Momma Dee

  • TI Tiny Kermit Piggy

  • Nikki Kim K

  • TreySongz Flav

  • Stevie J Splinter

We already know you guys are quite talented at making the most LOL memes when it comes to Love & Hip Hop but we didn’t know we’d get caught up in the Lifetime Aaliyah social media blitz too!

From Miss Nikki Baby “playing” Lil’ Kim to Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “portraying” Stevie J, Instagram was a no chill zone with the hashtag #LifetimeBiopics, where users mocked the network for some questionable casting decisions when it came to the TV movie about the R&B princess. No one was safe in the VH1 fam from the meme makers – K.Michelle, Fizz and Flava Flav all saw themselves made fun of and memed. Even Tiny “as” Smokey Robinson!? We can’t. We’re dead

Check out our gallery of some of the best mockups with VH1 stars and check out our video below where Nikki Mudarris was asked who she’d like to play her in the movie of her life! Do you think maybe Lifetime will make her dreams come true?