‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Check Yourself: “I Should Have Put A Horse Tranquilizer In His Tea”

Hazel and Teairra had a heart to heart on this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, but will their friendship be saved? It’s still to be determined… But judging from this episode of Check Yourself, they still have some work to do. “You’ve done what you’ve done and I just feel like we don’t have each others’ back,” Teairra says as she watches Hazel explain her actions and emotions. “YOU hurt ME, bitch!”

Later in this clip, an eerily calm Moniece comments on her fight with Fizz, deadpanning “Why does he look so perplexed?” while they’re having it out on the streets of L.A. Later she adds, “I should have put a horse tranquilizer in his tea so that he couldn’t speak.” Moniece, we love you girl. We have no idea if you’re serious or what, but you are endlessly entertaining.