‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Bonus Clip: Nia’s Mom Dishes Out The Tough Love

Everyone on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood needs their mom at some point of another this season, huh? We’ve seen Ray J, Nikki, Omarion, and Amanda all run to their moms when they need advice, a place to vent, or a shoulder to cry on, and now it’s Nia’s turn. In this bonus clip, she lets her mom know that she’s planning to move in with Soulja Boy, but her mom has serious reservations, especially because, like Nia’s dad, Teddy Riley, she has also never met Soulja. (How have they spent 8 years together and never met this guy??)

“This is a LOT, Nia…This is not a temporary sleepover. This is you moving in and staying in,” her mom says. Will Nia take her mom’s concerns to heart? Stay tuned!