The Princess & The Pool: The Best ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ GIF Of The Night, Episode 11 In Pictures

  • Teairra Mari bruises

  • Teairra Whats Up

  • Brandy

  • Brandy Real Glasses

  • Fizz Awf

  • Fizz Cookie

  • Soulja Fuzz Eyebrows

  • Fizz Nikki

  • Fizz Nikki 2

  • You are not a boss

  • Ray Stank

  • Ray J Wine Covered

  • Ray Princess 2

  • Princess Pool

Sometimes a moment happens on a TV show that drives you to your computer to find the GIF so you can LOL forever. Well, Princess and the pool is one of those moments. We cannot stop watching Princess fall (get pushed?) into the pool from tonight’s of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and thought it would only be kind to share with you!

Do you think Princess slipped? Or do you think Ray’s duck-out-the-way hand on her side, sent her over the edge? She falls far!