‘K. Michelle: My Life’: Bobby’s Mouth Had K. Michelle Hypnotized Or Nah?

After getting hurt too many times for her to count, K. Michelle pretty much revealed in tonight’s episode of My Life she pushes all humans with “sausages” far away from getting anywhere near her heart.

Then enters Bobby Maze. The overseas basketball player (yes, another ball player) that took her one a date, and made her rethink how about tearing down her walls. Check out how quick it went down.

K. Michelle couldn’t stop looking at Bobby like the eye candy he was:

Then Bobby spent the whole time doing a lot of this, which would distract the best of us:

Next thing you know K.Michelle is ready to give him “a shot”:

Fingers crossed this one is a keeper! Catch the next and final K.Michelle: My Life next Monday at at 9/8c.

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