Woosah! Karen And Renee Try And Let Go Of The Toxic Relationships In Their Lives

On the season premiere of Mob Wives, Renee visited Karen in Arizona which ultimately led Karen returned to Staten Island to be by her best friend’s side. In a bonus clip, Karen takes Renee to the Red Rocks for a woosah moment to “relax and get away from everything.”

Karen opens up about feeling sad about her relationship with her daughter’s father. She says she brought Renee to the desert because she thinks her friend needs to let go of the negativity i her life too. The ladies strengthen their friendship and attempt to leave the drama in Staten Island.

Do you think Renee will be able to resolve things with Natalie and the other ladies? Do you think Karen will be able to find a happy ending for her daughter? Find out on an all new Mob Wives, Wednesday at 9 PM ET/PT.