Sneak Peek: Karen Reveals To Drita And Ang That Natalie Is A Cop Caller

When Karen surprised the girls at the rooftop party, tensions were high because things are not hunky-dory between Renee and the girls but it looks like things could be taking a turn. In the sneak peek for this week’s Mob Wives, Karen has a chat with Drita and Ang where she explains just why she has such a problem with Natalie.

Karen says her beef with Natalie started off with a lot of s**t talking on social media but escalated when Natalie threatened to call the cops on her. Karen says, “It’s not a good look for Ang and Drita to be hanging out with a cop caller. C’mon. If you stay with trash, you eventually become trash.”

Find out whose side Ang and Drita choose to align themselves with on the next episode of Mob Wives, Wednesday night at 9 PM ET/PT.