VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: ‘Bye Felicia!’ Premieres

This week we said hello to Bye Felicia! where life coaches Deborah Hawkes and Missy Young work together to transform the women of Los Angeles. On the two-part reunion of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, it was a showdown between Masika, Hazel, and Nikki as well as Princess Love and Morgan. On Mob Wives Karen and Natalie finally met face-to-face and it wasn’t pretty.

On K.Michelle: My Life K.Michelle made a big announcement while on Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip the dynamic duo finally reached Hollywood! On Suave Says, Gerardo reconnected with his son, Jaden, through their mutual love of music. Check out these highlights and more from this past week on VH1!

Bye Felicia!: Kip Shows Off Her Classy New Look

This week we met life coaches, Missy and Deborah as they embarked on their newest venture – helping the women of Los Angeles! When we first met Kip she idolized Kim Kardashian and considered herself “a business woman stuck in a stripper’s body”. With some major help from Deborah and Missy, Kip is able to transform her wardrobe and practice her interviewing skills. Meanwhile, Missy and Deb also helped Talyn reveal a more feminine side and help her snag a date with her crush, Greg.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: Masika vs. Hazel + Princess vs. Morgan

The two-part Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion brought the cast back together and they brought the drama with them! On the first part of the reunion, Masika battled it out with both Hazel and Nikki. While discussing Yung Berg, Hazel and Masika argued on stage and security has to keep them in check. Later in the episode, with Masika’s constant insults flying towards Nikki’s mom, Michelle, Nikki stood up to take matters into her own hands.

On the second part of the reunion, things got physical between Princess and Morgan. While arguing over the context of their friendship, Princess and Morgan engaged in a verbal war of insults. When Ray J tells Princess to pop Morgan, all hell broke loose on stage as the fight was quickly broken up by security.

Mob Wives: Karen vs. Natalie

Could this possibly be the showdown of the season?! When Karen arrives to Big Ang’s Drunken Monkey Anniversary Party, everyone is shocked by how well Karen and Storm get along with Natalie’s boyfriend, London. Of course, this upsets Natalie and sends her into attack mode. When Karen and Natalie meet face-to-face, Natalie brings up Karen’s family which only means one thing – there is no turning back.

K.Michelle: My Life: K.Michelle Makes A Big Announcement

On the season finale of K.Michelle: My Life, after taking a trip to L.A., K.Michelle decides that she needs a change. When back in New York, K has a big announcement for her friends – she is moving to California! We wish K.Michelle the best of luck with this new chapter in her life!

Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip: Tiny & Shekinah Make It To Hollywood!

After weeks on the road Tiny and Shekinah have finally arrived in L.A.! Tiny and Shekinah’s family make a surprise visit to help the duo set up for the grand opening of the weave truck. With a red carpet event theme, everyone comes together to make Tiny and Shekinah’s weave truck business a success!

Suave Says: Gerardo and Jaden Bond Over Music

After missing out on years of quality time with his son, Gerardo finally finds something that he and Jaden can bond over. When Gerardo learns that Jaden has a passion for rapping, Gerardo takes him to the recording studio to record a song. It was heartwarming to see Gerardo reconnecting with his son and hopefully their bond will continue to grow with time.

Who has the better transformation – Kip or Talyn? What as your favorite part of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion? Should Natalie have brought Karen’s family into their argument?

Share your thoughts, reactions, and comments below.

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