Victoria Gotti Says “Handle It”: ‘Mob Wives’ Season 5, Episode 3 In Pictures

  • Drita Family Off Limits

  • Karen hands

    Karen’s keeping her paws to herself

  • Drita Lee Date Night

    Lee: I don’t give a #*$@

  • Vicki G Enters

  • Big Ang enlightened

  • Victoria Gotti

  • Renee Graziano

  • Natalie Ecto Cooler

  • Renee Counter Top

  • Karen Cry Face

  • Big Ang Multitasker

  • Renee Chicken

  • Storm

  • Karen I Don’t Like Drama

  • Renee G

All the drama on Mob Wives seems to be orbiting Natalie and this week Big Ang had enough. Ang visited Mafiasa Victoria Gotti who instructed Ang to handle it. It meaning Natalie. As Ang and Drita started to come to terms with the fact that their friend may be a troublemaker, Karen faced a hiccup in her relationship with Storm as she discovered another woman in his home while she was still there.

Is Karen really though with Storm? Will Drita and Ang be able to resolve things with Natalie? Is Victoria Gotti going to terrify Renee? Find out next week on Mob Wives, Wednesday at 9 PM ET/PT.