Go Back To The Future With The Supertrailer For VH1’s New Scripted Series, ‘Hindsight’

Oh, to be a Gen X-er back in the day, living it up in true Reality Bites style. For anyone who missed out on the ’90s, VH1’s new series, Hindsight, is about to boil down the essence of the decade in all it’s grunge-y glory. The protagonist of the series, Becca (played by Laura Ramsey) is given another chance to relive her life when she wakes up on the eve of her first wedding to an ill-advised (but sexy) artist named Sean in 1995. Knowing everything she knows now, from her career and personal decisions, to how Chandler and Monica end up together on Friends, she gets a total do-over in life…but the question remains whether or not she’ll get it right the second time around.

Hindsight premieres on Wednesday, January 7th at 10PM ET/PT.