The Reviews Are In: The Critics Love ‘Hindsight’

Hindsight, the new series that takes a look at one woman’s biggest mistakes and gives her a chance to do them all over again, in the 1990s, premieres tonight but the critics are already talking. Check out the reviews from the likes of, Entertainment Weekly, Variety and The New York Times.

“This show doubles as credible period dramedy, somewhere between “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Friends,” and an armchair rumination on destiny and will.” – The New York Times

“Still, just looking at the series’ potential in the initial episodes, it’s an obvious backdrop both for light-hearted soap opera and nostalgic comedy — about everything from AOL to smoking in bars — two qualities that dovetail pretty neatly with the niche that VH1 courts on a regular basis.” – Variety

“In a certain sense, Hindsight acts as an escapist vessel for former Nineties females who have felt the pressure of having it all, offering a chance to look back wistfully to their presumably more awesome origin story. In a culture that’s currently obsessed with arguing about whether women can have it all, it’s especially tempting to look back to a time when we didn’t have to debate it; we just did it.” – Rolling Stone

“As fun as all the ’90s stuff is, and as good-looking as the cast may be (watch out for Craig Horner; those abs are no joke), this show has a charm to it that you’ll find hard to resist.” – Entertainment Weekly

“Becca goes to bed on the night before her second wedding and wakes up in 1995 — on the night before her first wedding. She decides to make the best of reliving the ’90s, and it’s a treat and a half.” – Vulture

Don’t miss the first episode of Hindsight tonight at 10 PM ET/PT!