I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Big Ang Calls Renee A Rat

There are three things we have learned from watching five seasons of Mob Wives: (1) do not question someone’s loyalty, (2) never drag family members’ name into an argument, and (3) never call somebody a rat.

For years Renee has been living in the shadow of Junior’s crimes and has continued to pay for her ex-husband’s sins. When Big Ang and Renee get in a fight at Drita’s party, we were not entirely surprised to hear Big Ang call out Renee for marrying a rat. However, we had to back things up when Big Ang kept calling Renee a rat and things almost got physical between these close friends.

Can Big Ang and Renee come back from this fight? Is their friendship worth saving? Watch this intense moment now and share your thoughts/comments below.