Mess With The Bull, Get The Horns: ‘Mob Wives’ Episode 505 In Pictures

  • Renee Over It But That Hat

  • Karen Face Over It

  • Drita Kill Em W Kindness Face

  • Natalie The Moment

  • Renee Rat Face

  • Ang Face

  • Renee Busted

  • Fight 2

  • Fight 1

On episode five of Mob Wives, Big Ang and Drita finally confronted Natalie Guercio about being a, you guessed it, rat. Everyone has been saying this – everyone being Renee, Karen and newbie Nat D.

Ang is visibly over Renee’s drama when it comes to Natalie being a rat, because, well, Renee’s ex actually ratted some people out – including Ang’s cousin, who is basically going to serve life now. Things got heated between all the ladies when Ang told Renee to chill with all the rat-talk since she married one! You can imagine how big that went over. (It did not go over well.)

Are Renee and Ang donezo? Are you Team Nat G or Nat D? Are Storm and Karen on the mend? Check out the best faces from this week’s Mob Wives and don’t miss an all new episode next Wednesday at 9 PM ET/PT.