The Story Behind Natalie Guercio’s Infamous Champagne Bottle Between Her Thighs Instagram

VH1 recently caught up with Mob WivesNatalie Guercio about her former friendship with Renee Graziano, her career in the funeral home and what she makes of the “new” Natalie. One other very important thing we had to ask her? The story behind that infamous champagne-bottle-between-her-thighs Instagram picture. (The picture, of course, made our list of sexiest Instagram pics of 2014.)

Natalie giggled and revealed just how that photo came to be and how she and bf London Rene know how to make Sunday’s more than just a day of rest.

[Laughs] That was a Sunday ’fun day’ with me and London. I woke up and decided to open a bottle of Moët and you know have some Moët for Sunday morning fun and we took some pictures. We are always just doing these crazy things like that. We are always playing around with the camera and doing fun little boyfriend-girlfriend sexy things.”

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