I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Peter Chooses To Be With Amina…By Default

“I figure it’s time to finally in my life pick a side.” – Peter Gunz

After sneaking off on a trip to Barbados with Tara and their two sons, Peter Gunz tells Amina that he is finally fully committing to her and their relationship. But how he said it brings Amina to tears…and not the joyful kind.

Peter admits that he never fully gave his relationship with Amina a chance because of his lingering feelings for Tara. Peter tells Amina that while he was away on his “business trip”, he spoke to Tara about how he wanted to work things out between them, but she is ready to move on. To simplify that, he is choosing to be with Amina by default. As Amina said through her tears, “You didn’t choose me. You let her choose me.”

Whether you are Team Amina or Team Tara, you cannot deny that Peter’s way of communicating his “good news” was hurtful and disrespectful. Then again, should we really be expecting more from him?

Watch this heartbreaking scene again and share your thoughts/comments below.