Don’t Ever Forget Natalie Guercio’s Dance Song “Delicious”

Some things we forget from season to season of Mob Wives but let’s never forget Natalie Guercio’s song, “Delicious.” The dance song, featuring Ryan Banks, is the perfect tune for you to learn (just keep repeating delicious) and sing on repeat until summer is here.

The club anthem is perfect because Natalie keeps “singing” in a British accent and giving us her signature laugh. Need a refresher? Check the music video for “Delicious,” a song that is truly inspired by an offhand comment Natalie made to Renee about her man smelling…well, you get it.

Watch the video now and relive all that Mardi Gras goodness all over again. (PS. Blink and you’ll miss a cameo by Mob WivesAlicia DiMichele!)