‘Mob Wives’ Philly vs. Philly Showdown: May The Best Natalie Win

When Natalie Guercio joined Mob Wives last season, from her delicious accent and her ongoing fight with Renee Graziano, this rookie left her mark. This season, a new Natalie, Natalie DiDonato, has stepped onto the scene and shaken things up in Staten Island. How do these two Natalies, both Philadelphia natives, stack up against one another?

Both Natalie Guercio and Natalie DiDonato hail from the city of Brotherly Love and are loyal to their Italian heritage and code of the streets, but there is more to these woman than what we see on screen. We broke down each lady’s most important stats so YOU can decide which Team Natalie to join. In the world of mafia wars and Mob Wives, this is Philly vs. Philly and may the best Natalie win.