Ugly Duckling: That Awkward Picture Karen Posted Of Natalie

Tonight on Mob Wives Ang called Natalie out for talking major ish about Karen and her abilities as a mother. Natalie fired back that it all started when Karen hacked her mother’s Facebook page and posted a picture of a young Natalie – making fun of her appearance.

We scrounged the internet to find these so-called pictures and were in luck because the pictures and Karen’s alleged caption were still on Nat’s Instagram. Take a look at what Karen wrote and check the second ’gram for Natalie’s mother’s response to Karen posting photos of her daughter’s awkward years.

A message from my mom ->As the mother of Natalie, I have a lot to say about a supposed adult that can ridicule a child for looks during the awkward years of growing up while you go through puberty and adolescence. We have all been there!!! You are no better then school bullies and you seriously demonstrate your immaturity and lack of compassion for children. In this time that we live in it is totally irresponsible and insensitive while you are in somewhat a glorified "possible idol" to some young people. It is people like you that can influence a low self image to youth and it can snowball into depression , anorexia or worse. My mother always taught me "be careful what you say about someone's child because it will come back to you ten fold". As the mother of this child, although nature took its' course while she grew up, she always had a beautiful heart and soul and a smile and personality that lit a room! I have a beautiful family inside and out regardless of what another person thinks or their lack of thinking……There are much bigger things in this world to worry about as a country , a nation, and the world!!!! Stuff like this makes you a contributor to what this world has become. #momsknowbest #mobwives #delicious

A photo posted by ????Natalie Elise Guercio???? (@natalieeguercio) on Sep 22, 2014 at 7:19pm PDT

Who Do You Think Started The Social Media War?

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