Remember When Yung Joc Pulled A Pop-up With Danity Kane?

Remember back before Yung Joc was causing trouble with Karlie Redd on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta he was breaking it down for Diddy-helmed girl group Danity Kane? Actually, we didn’t remember this either but after revisiting DK’s first music video: “Show Stopper,” we were all, it’s Joc!

Check out this video with a babyfaced Joc spitting all about Aubrey, Dawn and the rest of the girls.

Brush up on his verse now:

Hey shawty, please believe
Ain’t never seen chicks like this before
Thousand dollar jeans with them candy 6 4’s
Louis V sneaks match your Louis V seats
See ya swag like no other, so them other’s can’t compete
Independent and discrete
Check her VDS piece
Melt in ya mouth like M&Ms, capeesh
She do whatever she wanna do
Money out the ying yang
Blowin a dollar and the change
In the Rover switchin lanes
Imma take her under my wings, Imma teach her things
She say she got paper cuts from countin all this change
Tell her meet the parents
Like Ben Stiller
Baby say she want them carrots and the chinchillas

What do you think of Joc rapping with these ole’ gals? Love it or hate it?!