Mob Wives, Mob Ties: A Look Back At Carla Facciolo and Drita D’Avanzo’s Friendship

This week, original cast member Carla Facciolo made an shocking unexpected return to Mob Wives. The last time we saw Carla was in season three when she was feuding with both Renee and Love Majewski while Drita acted as the peacemaker. When Carla arrived at Renee’s Mob Candy anniversary party she was welcomed with open arms by Renee and Karen but Drita seemed to be very uncomfortable. Drita claimed that she and Carla are not enemies, but they are not as close as they used to be.

While Carla was on Mob Wives, she was Drita’s ally, confidant, and closest friend – a role Big Ang has been filling these days. When Karen confronted Drita about Lee and their friendship in Season One, Carla sided with Drita on the matter. All throughout Season Two, Carla defended Drita against Karen and Ramona Rizzo’s attacks. When things got heated between Renee and Carla in Season 3, Drita acted as the peacemaker to bring these two friends back together. That same season, Love put a target on Carla’s back and Drita came to Carla’s defense.

Carla and Drita always had each others’ backs, which is why it’s bizarre to think that these two women are not as close as they used to be. Over the next few weeks, we can’t wait to watch this mystery unravel onscreen and hopefully get some answers about their friendship. In the meantime, browse through the photos/videos in the gallery above for a walk down memory lane of Carla and Drita’s friendship.

  • Mob Wives Season 1 Cast

  • On Set Of The Season 1 Reunion

  • Carla and Drita Hit The Gym – In this clip from the series premiere of Mob Wives, Carla and Drita blow off steam in the gym while their men are locked up.

  • Dressed Up For Halloween

  • On The Red Carpet

  • Hanging Out With Enrique Iglesias

  • On Stage Together

  • Drita Tells Carla Lee Cheated On Her – When Drita learned that Lee had cheated on her, she turned to Carla.

  • Charlie’s Angels

  • Drita Fills Carla In On Her Fight With Karen – At the beginning of Season 2 Drita gives Carla the break down of the fight from Renee’s party, and has some nick names for both Karen and Ramona.

  • Triple Threat

  • Speed Dating – Drita and Carla try to jump back in the game with some speed dating.

  • Girls Night Out

  • Is Renee A Puppet Master? – Carla vents to Drita and Big Ang about Renee’s puppet ways.

  • Fun With Big Ang + Friends

  • Carla’s The Target – Love reveals new details of her beef with Carla, to Drita and when Drita and Ang pass on the new info to Carla, there is no turning back.

  • Hanging Out With Snooki + JWoww

  • The Aftermath Of Love’s Attack On Carla – After the brawl between her and Carla, Love is still raging as Karen chases her down to find out what happened.

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