Renee Explains How She And Carla Repaired Their Friendship And Why That Won’t Happen With Natalie

Renee Graziano always keeps things real whether she’s laughing, screaming, or crying, she will let you know what’s up. In a recent interview with VH1, the Mob Wives star addressed Natalie Guercios claims that she’s hopeful that they can be friends in the future.

Now Renee’s filling us in about her relationship with Carla Facciolo, how they were able to leave their butter knife drama in the past, and why that will never happen between she and Natalie.

You and Carla are in a good place right now, how did you guys get back there?
Renee: Carla and I have seen each other around the neighborhood and we’ve made peace. We actually live a block away from each other in the same neighborhood so I knew, eventually, we were going to run into each other. I think, when we did talk, we were able to clear up [the argument] and say what was on our minds, calmly and rationally, because there was a 30-year friendship, prior to us having this fight. Carla and I have history: we did have the same friends, we did go to the same places, we did sleep at each other’s houses. I think what you saw in season three was just a bunch of anger built up between the two of us and it just exploded. When we were away from cameras and away from all of the other people, we were able to save the 30-year friendship we once had. And honestly, it was worth saving because we did have a good time. When everything was okay, we were in a good place.

So, there’s no residual bad blood?
No. She apologized to me and I apologized to her.

Is it possible that you and Natalie Guercio could ever get to that same place?
Never! No, there’s a difference. 30 years of friendship is much different than three seconds. Carla is a different person than Natalie. Carla said one thing to me, okay? And that was it. One thing. Honestly, I’m not even mad at her about it anymore because the truth of the matter is we all know I do have an issue – that I choose not to talk about today. In the long run, Carla saying what she did, as boldly and bravely as she did, made me stop and take a good look at myself.

Have you mended fences with any of your other former cast mates like Ramona Rizzo or Alicia DiMichele?
Never, no, never – and I have no reason why, it’s just my own personal…it’s not something I’m going to discuss, the answer is just, no, never.

Your friendship with Karen seems to be as strong as ever this season.
Karen actually cares about me as a person, [friends] have conversations or arguments and Karen might say something to me at times but it’s not out of anger but out of love. I’m able to take it where it’s coming from and it’s from a place of love and caring so you can’t get mad at somebody that loves and cares about you because they’re only trying to help you. If she were to say, “Renee, c’mon, get it together,” I wouldn’t get defensive because Karen in the long run wants me to be better.

And it’s nice to see a genuine friendship on reality TV.
It’s the only real genuine friendship on reality TV.

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