Basketball Wives Star Kenya Bell Talks Her Wedding And Getting Confused For Kenya Moore

"I did hold a grudge against Evelyn for a little while..."

Kenya Bell’s tenure on Basketball Wives was easily some of the most dramatic television ever. Her relationships and altercations with Evelyn Lozada, Tami Roman and Suzie Ketcham led to some of the craziest moments on reality TV we’ve ever seen, but somehow, Kenya emerged from it having grown from the experience, and has no regrets. We caught up with the former Miss Michigan USA last week to get the latest, and she revealed that that she’s about to get remarried next month and is a little tired of being confused for that other Kenya on reality TV, Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Kenya Moore.

VH1: Does Basketball Wives feel like it’s a past life for you at this point?

Kenya Bell: Something like that!

Are you still working on your music?

I’m still writing music, but I’m not performing. I had some performances since the show but that’s tapered off. In the last year I decided to build my dream home, so I ended up finding a property that needed a little love and I designed and redecorated it and just finished that. It really was a full-time job but it’s a place where my kids can settle in and grow up. I built everything I wanted in a home so I’m very excited about that.

What city are you settled in?

Miami. I love it here. Warm weather all the time. And now that I’m hearing about winter storms everywhere else in the United States, I’m really glad I settled here,

What is life like now that you’re an alumnae of such a famous show?

I didn’t expect this much love and support from fans. I go out to the grocery store and there is always someone who recognizes me. At least once a day I hear “You look so familiar!” and I’m like, “Yeahhh…” It’s great to be a part of something that people have embraced and feel like they know you. Everyone is always like “Oh my God, how’s your music?? How are your kids?” So it’s actually a good thing. When I was in it and all the drama was going on, it was like, “Oh my God.” But looking back, it was such a great experience and I’m so glad I did it and I think it helped me grow.

Would you ever go back to it?

Oh God! I don’t know. I would be a little concerned because I just got engaged and we just set a date.


Thank you! We just finalized the wedding and it’s going to be a cruise. I just worry about allowing cameras into your personal relationship, you just see disaster after disaster happen when that occurs. I would do something but I would want my private life to stay private, I just worry about that because I’m so happy with my guy. And he doesn’t have any kids so that means I’ve gotta have a baby at some point! There are just so many things like that that I just don’t know what would happen if I put it all on camera.

You’re definitely planning on having another baby?

Well, he doesn’t have any kids so I wouldn’t think it was right if I married him and didn’t have a baby with him.

You have two older kids, how crazy will that be to go back and start all over again with a newborn?

I don’t know!! Don’t make me think about it!! My kids now are 11 and 12 so I was thinking, my daughter’s probably going to be driving when I have a newborn — that’s ridiculous! But at the same time it may be helpful for me, my kids have so many activities and things going on so the fact that they’ll be more independent by then will be a good thing for me.

Were you dating your fiancé while you were on Basketball Wives?

I was dating him while I was on the show, we met during the season and he was very supportive of me when I was on the show and we’ve been together for two years.

Does your fiancé want to stay out of the limelight?

Yeah, a little bit. I post pictures of him on Instagram and I’ve talked about him on the Tom Joyner morning show when I was filming Basketball Wives, it’s still the same guy.

When’s your wedding?

We’re getting married in March — everyone thought I was already pregnant! It was really fast but we did it because I wanted to get married on a yacht and when I was looking around at options and we found a Princess cruise where you can have the ceremony harbor side and we got an amazing deal to do it in March and it made it so that we could have our whole family there and we have the whole ship to ourselves. And then we can all go on a four day cruise after the ceremony.
It’s been a couple years now, so I need to know, have you kept in touch with anyone from the show?

I still talk to Jennifer [Williams] every now and then, and Royce [Reed] and I actually just filmed a mini-pilot together, so we got together not too long ago and we actually talked a bit. I talk to Tami [Roman] every now and then. I sent Kesha [Nichols] a mistake text the other day, too. I was like, “Oh God!” I have another friend named Kesha that I thought I was messaging but I accidentally sent a message to Kesha Nichols, and she wrote me back and it was very, very nice, like, “Hey girlie, how are you! I hope everything is going well!” and I was like “Oh! My frenemy from Basketball Wives!” But we’re fine, she was like, “God bless you.” But other than that, I don’t talk to anyone else.

That’s nice to hear about you and Kesha — do you think that time has made you move past the drama?

I’m not one to hold grudges, though I did hold a grudge against Evelyn for a little while, but we spoke and were fine after that. If someone tries to make a situation right with me, then I can let it go and I don’t hold grudges. I haven’t spoken with Suzie after our incident at all, but I wish everybody the best. I think I came out of the situation clear and I felt pretty good about the way I left the show.

Do you watch any other reality shows these days?

Well sometimes you just can’t help but hear about some of the craziness that goes on on shows like Love & Hip Hop and Housewives of Atlanta, and you know Kenya Moore is on there and I keep getting tweets directed at her like, “Girl, why’d you do Porsha like that??” and I’m like what are you talking about??

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