I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Puma Ignites A New War With Ceaser

Puma and Ceaser have had their fair share of issues throughout Black Ink Crew. Their 15-year friendship first exploded when Puma left Black Ink but eventually Ceaser and Puma were able to make amends at Puma’s bachelor party. This week their friendly truce came to a sudden screeching halt the instant Puma’s chicken wing hit the floor of Black Ink.

From the moment Puma walked into Black Ink’s renovation party, all of his comments were condescending. With Puma constantly comparing Black Ink to his tattoo shop, Ink 124, Ceaser became aggravated with all the negativity. When Ceaser confronts Puma in the middle of the party, Puma drops the chicken wing he was eating. Ceaser attacks Puma and an intense fight breaks out – igniting a new war between these frenemies.

Is there any hope for Ceaser and Puma to mend their friendship? Was this the final straw? Watch this moment again and share your thoughts/comments below.