‘Mob Wives’ Bonus: Natalie D Starts To Think Drita Is Soft And All Talk

Natalie D goes Christmas tree shopping with her day one friends Carla and Lauren, and in no time the conversation goes from trees to Natalie G and Drita.

After going to Drita and tattle telling on Natalie G, aka Nasty Nat, Natalie D is trying to figure out why Drita is still playing nice with Nasty Nat.

“…if your not really a thorough bitch I feel some type of way …I just want to know are you ripping her nose off or not,” Natalie asks before questioning is Drita suddenly get soft.

Find out how much Natalie begins to question Drita’s integrity, and catch a new episode on the next Mob Wives, Wednesday at 9/8c.

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