Who You Callin’ Dick? The Cast of ‘Black Ink Crew’ Reveal Their Actual Government Names

After last week’s episode of Black Ink Crew, watching Sky find out the name she thought was hers (Jakeitha) was actually not the name she was born with (Jo Keita), we we’re left wondering who else in the cast isn’t being called by their real government.

We all know no mother in their right mind gave birth and actually named their son, O’Sh*t</strong, just like it would take a lot for us to believe the name Ceaser spelled incorrectly was on someone’s birth certificate on purpose.

Many of our VH1 stars, specifically the cast of Black Ink Crew have changed or altered the names that were given at birth for a catchier moniker, or more swagged out stage name, to hear what exactly they are.

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